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Volks Park, Berlin
Volks Park, Berlin

Let's see if we can get a discussion started with my current studio work. Take a look at my painting here before reading the text below. After you have read the Wikipedia entry does your understanding and appreciation of the painting change in any way? It would be good to hear different views on this.

How does your response to the painting change after reading the accompanying text?

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'At the end of the war Berlin was divided into four parts by the Allied Powers, and the Volkspark resided in the Soviet Sector. The reconstruction of the park was therefore undertaken by the German Democratic Republic (GDR). A plan was devised by Reinhold Linger, the GDR director of landscape and park architecture, to create two small artificial mountains in the park out of rubble from the bombed-out city. (Similar projects were undertaken throughout postwar Germany, and such peaks are called Schuttberge in German.) In 1946 the bunkers were destroyed, filled, and covered by over two million cubic meters of rubble from the ruins of destroyed buildings. The larger of the two hills became known as both "Mont Klamott" and "Großer Bunkerberg", the "tall bunker mountain", and is 78 meters tall. The smaller hill, "Kleiner Bunkerberg", the "small bunker mountain", has a height of 48 meters. With the passage of time and the growth of greenery, the hills now appear to be completely natural features.

Wikipedia Entry


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